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Scope of Work & Supply

The electrical works included the installation, connection, and testing of various main components, such as:

1. Traction power substation for operating trains on the lines (Rectifier Substation).
2. Power substation for all auxiliary consumptions for station operation (Auxiliary Substation).
3. Medium and low voltage panels for power distribution systems, lighting, low currents, and communication systems (Medium and 4. Low Voltage Panels).
4. UPS System (UPS Panels, Battery Room, Battery Charger).
5. Grounding system.
6. Automation and control system (BACS and PLC Equipment).
7. Telecommunications system (Telecom Equipment such as cameras, loudspeakers, microphones, telephone devices).
8. Lighting system (Lighting Panels, switches, sockets).
9. Fire detection system (Fire Fighting panel and equipment).
10. HVAC System.
11. Signaling Equipment.
12. Access control and detection system with authorized entry (Access and Intrusion System).

All these systems required the installation of electrical grids, pipes, spirals, or channels for cable passage, in accordance with the study. The contractor supplied the equipment, grids, and cables, while we provided the supporting materials such as grids-tubes, cable connection materials (end boxes, boxes, clamps, connectors), and marking materials.

The mechanical works involved the installation of the following equipment:

1. Expansion Shaft Fans (BSF).
2. Motorized Fire Barriers (MFD).
3. Silencers.
4. Rails/Monorail for the erection of electrical and mechanical equipment.

The contractor supplied the equipment, while we provided the support materials for the equipment.

End Date

August 18, 2017

Start Date



Attiko Metro S.A.

End Client

Aktor S.A.



Thessaloniki, Greece

Project Info

Contruction of Thessaloniki Metro Stations

Electrical & Mechanical Works in Thessaloniki Metro Stations

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