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Scope of Work & Supply

The Gas Regulating and Metering Station is provided as a fully skid-mounted unit, complete with all necessary auxiliary systems and components for proper installation. The station includes:

- GRS Inlet Section (1x100%)
- Filtering Section with 2-Stage Filters (2x100%)
- Condensate Drains Collection Tank
- Gas Metering Section (2x100%)
- Gas Heating Section (2x100%)
- Steam Condensate Return System (1x100%)
- Pressure Regulating Section (2x100%)
- Pressure Reducing Station for Low Pressure Systems (2x100%)
- GRS Outlet Section (1x100%)
- PLC and ESD Cabinets

In Progress

End Date

June 30, 2023

Start Date

Metering System


Grudziądz CCGT Power Plant

End Client




Grudziadz, Poland

Project Info

Power Plant with a Combined Cycle Gas Unit in Grudziądz, Poland

Complete design, procurement of materials and equipment, manufacturing, inspecting, and testing in shop, cleaning, coating, packing protection for shipment, and supervision of erection, testing, commissioning, and performance testing of One (1) Gas Regulating and Metering Station (GRMS).

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