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Process solutions tailored for optimal control and automation

At Semac Automation we understand the unique challenges of your industry. Combining our portfolio and technologies with expert consulting and requirements analysis, design and engineering capabilities, and seamless data integration to your systems, we partner with you to provide the optimal industrial process solutions for unlocking the highest levels of performance of your plant.

Dedicated to improving your productivity and efficiency while lowering your costs


With a comprehensive range of equipment and tailored solutions, we strive to meet the diverse demands of maritime operations.

Safe monitoring of liquids onboard all kinds of ships

Oil & Gas process solutions to enhance your operations

Success in today’s Oil and Gas industry is a complex challenge. Quality must be assured, resources and costs optimized, all while protecting people and the environment. Semac Automation industrial oil and gas applications offer cutting edge technologies and expertise to achieve performance enhancements at every stage. Providing precision in process and quality monitoring, clarity on inventory, efficiency in transfer and distribution, we optimize your production while protecting your compliance.

Environmental protection and optimized transformation of your raw materials into end products

Water & Wastewater process solutions to efficient compliance

From the management and distribution of water for public or industrial consumption, to the treatment of wastewater, the water industry challenges are manifold. As well as optimizing efficiency, compliance and safety, legislation must be respected. Combining expertise with extensive experience and an innovative, broad portfolio, our water and wastewater processing solutions provide simplicity and clarity. Together we can meet your challenges, enhance water safety, and unlock cost savings.

Customized solutions to reduce operating expenses whilst ensuring safety and compliance

Power & Energy process solutions for stability & efficiency

Semac Automation Power and Energy Process Solutions provide answers to many challenges facing the industry today. You must guarantee affordable power generation. We help you maximize power plant efficiency and availability while avoiding unplanned shutdowns. Our industrial applications streamline your supply chain, bring transparency to inventory, and optimize resource consumption. We also maximize and protect your steam and water systems, and other vital assets, across the lifecycle.

Enhanced productivity, availability, and efficiency combined

Food & Beverages process solutions for consistent excellence

Our process solutions not only ensure the consistent quality and stringent standards demanded by the food and beverage industry. They provide optimization in utilities and raw material supply, as well as consumption. They also give transparency in resources and inventory management, and precision in goods transfer and distribution, reducing the need for interactions, negotiations, and weighbridges. In so doing they create efficiencies, reduce margin for error, and accelerate processes.

Maximized efficiency with tailored solutions you can count on

Chemical process solutions customized for plant optimization

In Semac Automation you have an experienced chemical industry partner for successful chemical plant modernization projects. With innovative, high-quality products, as well as expert consulting and support throughout the asset lifecycle, we provide chemical process solutions to boost performance, reduce losses, minimize interruptions, and increase safety. Together we will hit your company productivity and profitability objectives while protecting your sustainability and industry safety obligations.

Maximized plant performance and productivity with safety and quality assured

Mining, Minerals & Metals process solutions, more from less

In the intense competition of the worldwide mining industry, small margins can make a big difference. Our mining, minerals and metals process solutions optimize your raw materials supply chain from fuel and chemicals, to water and steam. They bring clarity and precision to your inventory management and product throughput measurement, helping you to avoid errors and ensure continuity of production. They help you respect your environmental obligations. Together we will find your competitive edge.

Optimized management of your consumables, inventory, and environmental impact

Let’s talk about Numbers:

> 1000

installed & commissioned solution projects

> 25 years

consulting and co-creating solutions

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