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The DMCU900 Series Universal Controller provides an interface between Delta Mobrey Ultrasonic Transmitters and operators or control systems.

All models have a large LCD display with push button menu driven programming. Options are available for data logging, with download facility. The DMCU900 provides an intrinsically safe power supply for I.S. transmitters.  The wall mount model has a protective hinged lid with clear visibility of the display.

The DMCU900 series provides full functionality for configuration and diagnostics of any Delta Mobrey HART ultrasonic transmitter.

This product, when used in conjunction with Detla Mobrey Ultrasonic level transmitters, can be used to display the level or volume of linear or non-linear tanks, measure open flow for many weirs and flume designs as well as giving high or low alarms for storage tanks.

Key Features

  • Controller for use with DMSP400, DMSP500 and DMSP900 series level transmitters via HART comms

  • Display measured values, control pumps, actuators and alarms

  • Configure Delta Mobrey HART transmitters, access diagnostics

  • Single or dual transmitter inputs

  • 4-20mA and up to five relay outputs

  • Data logging option with SD card slot and RS485 comms

  • DC or AC power supply

  • Galvanically isolated supply to power Intrinsically Safe transmitters

Delta Mobrey


Universal HART Input Control Unit

Delta Mobrey
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