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Being able to withstand high flue gas temperatures up to 600°C and high dust loads, the ENSITU® 7000 allows a fast and continuous measurement.

Highly versatile and robust, the new ENOTEC analyzer is the ideal solution for process control in small to medium sized boilers, using all applicable fuels such as gas, oil and coal.

The ENSITU® 7000 works out of the box, needing no calibration or instrument air supply. ENSITU® 7000 measures InSitu: diffusion takes place through the large filter with v-shield. Flue gas extraction and conditioning is not necessary.

Installation takes a matter of minutes: Install using an industry standard flange, power up and measure. Available in 3 lengths, the ENSITU® 7000 is designed for easy integration in existing boiler concepts.


  • Plug & Play operation

  • Innovative operating concept

  • Ready for immediate use

  • Easy integration into existing boiler concepts

  • Electronics can be separated from the probe by a robust industrial connector


  • Boilers using any fuel

  • Biomass plants

  • Furnaces

  • High dust loads


ENSITU 7000 O2 - Transmitter Probe

Install, Power Up and Measure Oxygen - No bottle gas and no continuous instrument air supply required for operation and regular verification.

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