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  • Next-generation

More compact, intelligent, and powerful than its predecessor, the iC2-Micro now succeeds VLT® Micro Drive FC 51. This reliable and durable drive is also even easier to use and install. You can reduce system complexity and cost whilst maintaining full performance.

  • High performance

Alongside improvements to mechanical brake performance and pulse input, new features include torque open loop control, locked motor detection, permanent magnet motor control, built-in LCP and, of course, connectivity with our MyDrive® Suite digital tools.

  • Your choice of motor

iC2-Micro is compatible with the motor of your choice, so you can put together the best system for your application.

  • Highly integrated design

iC2-Micro contains an integrated control panel, potentiometer, RFI
filter, brake chopper, and intelligent cooling to reduce the need for external components.

  • Ease of retrofit

Designed to smoothly replace
VLT® Micro Drive FC 51 in established plants.


iC2 Micro Drive

Compact and Flexible Micro Drive

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