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The MultiCon CMC-99 integrates advanced control functions and logs setpoints, excitations, and current state. Built on Linux firmware, it offers stability and ease of configuration with a touch screen interface. Despite its small size, it can integrate up to 48 inputs and offers flexible configuration options.


  • MultiCon integrates Meter, Controller, Recorder, HMI, and SCADA in one package.

  • Offers 27 available input/output modules and 60 logical channels for versatility.

  • Features a 3.5" TFT color LCD display with touchscreen for user-friendly interaction.

  • Capable of recording data at 10Hz (ten samples per second) with 4 GB internal memory.

  • Communication options include RS-485 (Modbus RTU), USB Host, and Ethernet.

  • Compact device in a 96 x 96 mm case suitable for panel mounting.



Compact Multichannel Controller With Data Recording Capabilities

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