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Experience the unmatched reliability and precision of the OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas, the ideal ultrasonic flowmeter for your low pressure biogas, landfill, and sewage gas applications. Perfectly suited for biogas with high CO2 content and trace amounts of H2S, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, and condensation water, this flowmeter features corrosion-resistant titanium transducers and advanced signal processing for superior detection of small, dampened acoustic signals. Choose the OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas for exceptional performance and durability in even the most challenging environments.

Highlights & Features :

  • Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range

  • Integrated temperature measurement

  • Integrated calculation of standard volume with optional integrated pressure sensor

  • Insensitive to corrosive components in the gas (e.g., H2S)

  • High accuracy: ±1% error of measured value (±2% of methane content)

  • With lap joint flanges for lower overall weight

  • Full bore design: No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss

  • No periodical maintenance needed

  • Available as remote version with field converter

  • Also suitable for use in hazardous areas zone 1


OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas

Ultrasonic flowmeter for biogas, landfill and sewage gas applications

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