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The OPTISWITCH 5200 is a vibration level switch with rigid probe extension. It is a universal device for liquid applications and designed for liquid level detection in vessels. The level switch is mostly used for overfill, dry-run or pump protection.

  • Standard or HT version, large array of process fittings, housings and electronics

  • Probe length up to 6000 mm / 236"

  • Outputs: relay, transistor, 2wire, NAMUR or contactless electronic switch

  • Process connection option for high temperature up to 250°C / 482°F

  • With all relevant approvals (ATEX etc.)

  • Version OPTISWITCH 5150 with polished tuning fork e.g. for food processing

  • Point level detection of liquids

  • Probe length up to 6000 mm / 236"

  • Density: ≥0.5 g/cm3 / 0.018 lb/in3

  • -50…+250°C / -58…+482°F; -1…64 barg / -14.5…925 psig



Vibration Level Switch For Liquid Applications

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