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The OPTIWAVE 5400 is a 24 GHz radar level transmitter designed for liquid level measurement in various industries like chemical, petrochemical, power, and oil and gas. It's a 2-wire device suitable for basic applications, offering accurate readings even in fast-changing level conditions. With options like PP Drop antenna for corrosive media and Metallic Horn antennas, it can handle diverse environments. Capable of measuring distances up to 100m, it's versatile for closed tanks, open areas like dams or rivers, and hazardous zones. Equipped with HART®7 communication and extensive diagnostics, it ensures reliable performance.


✔︎ 2-wire loop-powered design with HART®7
✔︎ PP Drop antenna
✔︎ 316L Metallic Horn antenna with optional purging system
✔︎ Tank Bottom Management (TBM) ensures reliable measurement even in empty tanks
✔︎ ±2 mm / ±0.08″ accuracy
✔︎ Antenna extensions to accommodate any nozzle length
✔︎ Empty tank spectrum function eliminates false reflections from tank internals
✔︎ Various flange and thread connection options available
✔︎ Large backlit LCD screen with 4-button keypad for operation with a bar magnet, no need to open housing cover
✔︎ PACTware™, HART® DD, and DTM provided free of charge with full functionality
✔︎ Extensive device diagnostics according to NAMUR NE 107
✔︎ SIL 2/3 certified for safety-related applications
✔︎ 3-year warranty



Radar (FMCW) level transmitter for liquids in basic process applications

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