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Uniclean 700 is a product series of control modules that can be used to implement automatic sensor cleaning in static or retractable fittings easily and flexibly. The modules can be used to configure a variety of cleaning options with up to 3 rinsing media (water, air, or chemical cleaning agents) and to control retractable fittings with pneumatic or hydraulic drive units. The cleaning process can be triggered with a simple switch signal (relay contact at transmitter or pushbutton). Version 710 for installation in a protective cabinet, 720 including cover.


  • Customized solution in accordance with customer requirements

  • Simple conversion for process changes


  • For operation with static and with retractable fittings

  • Control of cleaning processes possible with or without transmitter

Fast Commissioning

  • Entry-level solution for automated sensor maintenance

  • Modules can be installed in just a few steps


Uniclean 700

Flexible electro-pneumatic controller for automated sensor cleaning with up to 3 rinsing media

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